Beginnings / Ideas

Robots have hearts and thoughts

We decided that it is necessary to do just such machines. When robots began to communicate with us and with each other, to accumulate data and knowledge, to make decisions, they began to a new stage of their evolution.

Fine tuning the senses

They see, they hear, they feel. Soon they will learn to understand.

Are guarded when we sleep

Read hundreds of sensors, perform calculations.They work tirelessly any time of day or night. There-here, up down, left to the right. And so without end.Until the gears are being demolished.All for us.

Look differently

Sure, there will be very little time when one of them will say - I think I exist!

Life for All

The world is so huge that in it, undoubtedly, there is a place for another kind of thinking beings.Let's be friends. Across the Universe.

Full speed ahead!

It's time. We begin their creation. Now.